To be the most innovative and cost effective project developer in all our businesses. We will strive to constantly improve efficiency, in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner. Achieve best-in-class operational excellence and delivering high performing results.


With over 20 years engineering expertise, 10 years trade finance & banking within its core executive management team, CA-Consulting is well suited to undertake project development in Oil and Gas,
Power and Environment market.


Ca-Consulting is a fusion of competencies and services that create your ideal partner. We believe in maintaining high standard value of professionalism, integrity, creativity, positive attitude, delivery that meets and surpass expectations while offering prompt and lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

About us

We operate since our founding as a global consulting company. We support our customers by contributing to their efforts to take on corporate transformation challenges, providing the full range of consulting services from management strategy to business process consulting.
Driven by a spirit of exigence and proximity, while maintaining its independence, our company has forged a privileged relationship with customers based on trust and our highly rated know-how.

Without denying our values and our corporate culture, we have built our company by evolving into complementary businesses with the highest ethic.

The teams of CA Consulting benefits, thanks to an adapted training policy and to the evolution of the specific materials which shapely master the different stages a project lifecycle. Driven by a spirit of exigence and proximity, while maintaining its independence, our company has forged a privileged relationship with customers.

We will continue to contribute to the success of our customers as a Real Partner, making corporate transformation happen for their operations not just Africa and Asia, but globally as well.

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A few things we’re great at

We provide our clients with an “I am assured” experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.


From the processing, storage and transportation of crude oil and natural gas to refining, distribution and retail services, and our expert enable you to maximize quality, efficiency and ensure the safety of your daily plant operations.


CA-Consulting provides aftermarket replacement parts for any manufacturer’s, upgrades and repairs, retrofit systems for the instrument and control system for all your power generating units. Experience that qualifiesus to be your partner.


Our business is structured around global business platforms that together encompass our interests across Industry generating companies and government in Africa, middle-East and Asia.
We are looking forward for economic growth.


The Industrial Services at CA Consulting is a global competitors in the field of applied industrial engineering, with projects in many countries in Africa. The activity is focused on the development, construction, maintenance and operation of energy, industrial and mobility infrastructures through a large group of Partners.
We combine two fundamental lines of business: Support Services to Industry and EPC Projects.


Front End Design
Technical specifications
Control system architecture design
Writing functional process analysis
Procedure of testing and on-site startup
Risk Analysis

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Project supervision
Supplier Management
Project audit
Technical and financial risk analysis
Project control (costs, deadlines)
Project Quality Control

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A complete new way of thinking and forecasting. Making the impossible to be possible. Convert your vision into tangible success, use strong motifs to consistently implement touchpoint concepts and it can all be easily changed at any time. It doesn’t just stick to the floor and walls but also in the customer’s memory. Plus the added-value that only true pioneers are able to deliver. Welcome to the innovative Consultancy company. Welcome to the world of new Customer Management



Project Development is the our focus at CA Consulting. It addresses the Energy generating market together with Government social and sustainable project. Out Team provides customized turnkey solutions for its customers.


Development of agricultural and sustainable development solutions for the implementation of varied fruit and vegetable production, animal husbandry and renewable energy production. The purpose of renewable energy production is to provide or complement energy production in Casamance


Combination of Photovoltaic systems or wind turbines combined with an implementation of intelligent storage system, enables generation lows and consumption peaks to be balanced out.
In this scenario, Gas generator serves as a back-up system. Renewable hybrid systems are therefore a sustainable, economical source for the energy supply


Development of 100,000
 Affordable Housing UNit:

Design and Development of 100,000 new affordable Housing units with the construction of physical infrastructure and social amenities including Schools and supermarkets

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