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We operate since our founding as a global consulting company. We support our customers by contributing to their efforts to take on corporate transformation challenges, providing the full range of consulting services from management strategy to business process consulting.
Driven by a spirit of exigence and proximity, while maintaining its independence, our company has forged a privileged relationship with customers based on trust and our highly rated know-how.
Without denying our values and our corporate culture, we have built our company by evolving into complementary businesses with the highest ethic.

The teams of CA Consulting benefits, thanks to an adapted training policy and to the evolution of the specific materials which shapely master the different stages a project lifecycle. Driven by a spirit of exigence and proximity, while maintaining its independence, our company has forged a privileged relationship with customers.
We will continue to contribute to the success of our customers as a Real Partner, making corporate transformation happen for their operations not just Africa and Asia, but globally as well.

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Management Philosophy

Our Value

CA Consulting is a fusion of competencies that create this company. We believe in maintaining high standard value of professionalism, integrity, creativity, positive attitude, delivery that meets and surpass expectations while offering prompt and lasting solutions that stand the test of time.


Our core activities are based on our Team effort to deliver and execute an outstanding project result. Networking to ensure we take full advantage of all the competencies available in our company and through our key partners.
This collaborative resolution, grounded in our dedication to each employee’s self-development.


Mutual trust is essential for the proper conduct of our business  and the efficient management of our projects. We are built on the responsibility given to each decision maker, the delegation of authority, and the belief in the importance of each employee’s role in our group. It is based on the openness of each individual to his or her professional environment to ensure transparency.


To reach our commitment to deliver the very best products and services that surpass customer requirements, Engagement and action are the key factor. More action builds on strategic thinking and underlined by our customer care, integrated into our daily activities and into each project is the key of success. We are adopting clear priorities, reducing the time of execution that differentiates us from our competitors, and the improving the ability to report the achievement of our business objectives.

Our Corporate responsability

As a conscientious corporate citizen, CA Consulting acknowledges that it has a direct responsibility to society and to the communities where we do business. We recognize that commercial objectives cannot be obtained over the long term unless the legitimate aspirations of society at large are also addressed.

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